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Music   Producer   &   Entrepreneur   Ron  Thaler

Create, Capture, Transmit, Experience




SoundSphere™ is a first of its kind sound recording & music production facility,

housing proprietary spatial sound technologies alongside innovative brick & mortar advancements and features.  


Patented spatial sound DAWs and protocols, floating-floor Hobermon tracking & mixing infrastructure, active kinetic architecture and sound reinforcement environments, and multi-positional microphone arrays built for 360º sound capture. State-of-the-Art large format recording space, fully adaptable to accommodate 1 vocalist or a full orchestra.

SoundSphere™ offers the opportunity to compose in 360º, record all compositional elements in true spatial, transmit electronically your 360º sound file using SoundSphere™ proprietary transfer technology, and then experience it

on a multitude of 360Sound devices, platforms and environments... hand-held ones, home-based ones,

cineplex integrated ones, or large footprint ones such as arenas, stadiums. and amusement parks.


SoundSphere™ is being built to benefit those wishing to create, capture, transmit, and experience true immersive 360º Spatial Sound.  There is no other facility on the planet like it. And no other facility that incorporates as many ground-breaking

technological advancements and creative tools to set a new standard in user experience and client engagement.


SoundSphere's™ purpose is to capture and transmit immersive sound experiences that are emotionally, acoustically and experientially transformative. Destined for AR/VR/MR (XR) industry players, Gaming platforms, Film and TV sound

designers, Cineplex/Stadium/Amusement Park sound transmission, Mobile tech applications, Advertising initiatives,

and all Artist Creative Ventures fuelling the future of Music, Entertainment, and Live Performance.

... And these are just the tip of the 360º Spatial Sound iceberg ... 




With 100% of mid-market companies investing in AR/VR/MR (XR) initiatives by 2023 and a market valuation of $500-750b by 2028 (Citibank), the future of 360º sound is extremely bright.  As a provider of B2B spatial music making and one-of-a-kind 360º immersive platforms & services, SoundSphere™  is empowering new consumer experiences that are driving monetization and future growth in every conceivable business sector.  Whether music, gaming, cineplex, live performance venues (including clubs, theatres, arenas and stadiums), film & television productions, integrated apps and mobile platforms, advertising and marketing initiatives, future tech, even shaping third-party medical, aerospace, organizational management and consumer goods sectors.  

360º Spatial Sound is changing the engagement landscape.

And SoundSphere™ is at the centre of it all.



Ron  Thaler  •  CEO & President

Steven  Boardman  •  CTO & VP Creative

Jeremy Hay  •  VP Finance

Nerea  Ruiz  •  VP Mechanical & Design

Matt  Soong  •  VP Construct

Tim  Daniels  •  Systems & Technology

Rick Roman  •  Sales & Project Management

Tessa  Lena  •  Marketing, PR, & Online Assets

Jennifer  Newman-Sharpe  •  Legal & Policy

Matthew Gibbs  • 360º Integration & Consultancy

Miguel De Narvaez  •  Head of Education & Curriculum

Ramiro Zamarripa  •  DAW Technology Specialist 


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